Modular V2G (vehicle-to-grid) charging curb system.

The patented eCURB system is a new, revolutionary smart grid charging solution for e-vehicles. It is pragmatic, intelligent and combines many requirements for a future-proof charging solution in the field of e-mobility!

eCURB is an on-street, space-saving and modular charging solution for e-vehicles.

eCURB creates the prerequisite for many charging points in inner-city areas or even in large parking lots.

eCURB enables an intelligent V2G system that can store large amounts of "green electricity".

eCURB redefines the curb and uses it as a charging point and cable channel. Unlike other charging stations, eCURB charging curbs require no additional space and can easily integrate a charging point into existing parking spaces.



eCURB loading curbs are extremely robust and well protected against vandalism, weathering and accidental damage during ongoing use. They are also particularly easy to maintain and can be easily retrofitted thanks to the patented eCURB rack system.
eCURB makes a fundamentally high number of bidirectional charging points possible through its modular concept – and does so easily and cost-effectively. A crucial prerequisite for an efficient and intelligent Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) system.



eCURB replaces the conventional curb with modular elements that can be fitted with an inductive charging point as required. The charging points built into the ground thus blend invisibly into the existing streetscape.


eCURB charging curbs use the existing power grid infrastructure in conjunction with smart charging management software. eCURB efficiently implements the often long standing times of vehicles across the board for the first time.


Through the V2G system, eCURB enables the storage of green power surpluses and promotes decentralization as well as stabilization of the power infrastructure.

eCURB extends and simplifies e-mobility, changing the way we use energy in the future

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